Degree in Web Design

Web design is considered to be a creative job within the IT field. This field involves designing and organizing the pages of websites. A web designer has to meet with clients in order to understand their needs, and create websites that accomplish the clientís goals. Sometimes making sure websites are both functional and also visually appealing can be a difficult task. Making sure websites are assessable to everyone, no matter what type of machine or software is being used, is another part of the web developerís job. Web developers work hand in hand with a web developer, who makes sure the website works properly.

Courses and Training

Web design courses typically focus on the following areas:

  • Project planning skills
  • XML skills
  • Develop, design, and publish a web design
  • Wireless information and WFL wireless markup language
  • Developing a professional website with e-commerce elements using HTML and dynamic HTML

Other Web Design Categories
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