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Web Development Licensing in North Carolina

Working in the web development industry is an exciting and passionate way to earn a living. Most of the people who pursue this career option share several aspects in common. They are disciplined, creative, artistic, and intelligent. For many years they prided themselves on their ability to get anywhere and do anything on the internet. This sometimes meant skirting the issues of web integrity.

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Times have changed. Most, if not all, professional web developers these days have come to understand the importance behind intellectual laws and protections, today. They all agree that working with web development licensing in North Carolina is crucial to meeting the needs of their clients and customers.

When discussing the issue of web development licensing in North Carolina, the issue is an ethical one rather than one of state board approval to work within an industry. The question at hand is whether it is justified to avoid licensing key issues when working within the web development industry.

What is Web Development Licensing in North Carolina?

When we talk about web development licensing in North Carolina, or anywhere else for that matter, we're talking about the not taking liberties with someone else's creation. For instance, when you purchase a piece of software to help you maximize your potential, you purchase a license to use that software. Sometimes the software will come with more than one license, and sometimes you are required to purchase additional license keys in order to use more than one installation of the product.

If you purchase a one-time use license for a particular piece of software, yet you install that software on more than one computer, you are effectively stealing the software. If you install a $200.00 piece of software onto five computers, you have taken $800.00 in dividends away from the original developer of the intellectual property.

Why is Web Development Licensing in North Carolina important?

As you work to develop your career in the web development industry, you may be tempted to squeeze past a license key or two. One aspect you may want to consider, however, is the impact this activity may have on your future career. In a short while, you will enter the web development industry as a full, participating member of a very talented club. You will write code. You will put your sweat and intellectual blood into every line, working out bugs, troubleshooting issues and making sure the design works to your fullest potential. If someone you don't know were to take that sweat and those long hours without your permission or adequate compensation for your time and expertise in order to gain a profit, you would be rather upset. That is why web development licensing in North Carolina is so important. It protects you, by giving you the right to license your work as yours.

Is Web Development Licensing in North Carolina Required In Order to Develop Websites?

There are two distinct definitions when it comes to the word license. In the case of intellectual property, like websites and other computer software, licensing refers to the number of installations an end user is allowed to use for any given price.

While you will need to obtain local and/or state business licenses to operate a business in North Carolina, you don't need a license from the state to work in the web development industry. There are, however, certification courses that can provide you with documentation for your skill level in various aspects of web development. These are not required; however, they do give you some credentials that many employers and clients expect to find when they hire a web development specialist.

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