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How much does a Web Developer make in California?

Web development is on a rise in California. The person looking at this field needs to consider many things when looking at a career in the Sunshine state. Obviously an area of importance to someone looking to work as a web developer needs to know what their wage potential is. There are serious differences in the area of wages depending upon the type of work you do and whether it is for a company or other venue. So how much does a web developer make in California? For the average web developer, the middle range in California was around 89,000 dollars a year (as of 2009). This level is a medium score and does not reflect the entire web development community across the board in California.

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So what will contribute to how much someone makes in California as a web developer. As with any industry and profession, education and where you work can effect how much someone makes as an IT professional. Larger corporations can afford to pay a higher base pay to their web development staff whereas small municipalities have budget restraints that can lower the potential for what is earned.

Education and experience

A person that acquires a 4 year degree deserves to be paid a higher wage in web development because they have shown a commitment to learn the industry better. A person that follows the 48 month study has shown they are more disciplined and have the maturity to handle greater responsibility. This may come up in the area of advancing into a higher administrative position. The individual that has gained practical experience over time in web development is better equipped to handle tougher assignments and this will facilitate into making a higher salary.

Type of Work

Corporations will tend to pay a web developer in California over 90,000 dollars a year compared to smaller businesses that cannot afford that level of wage. Someone in a small business, or maybe a charity, might do well to earn 50,000 or better. Persons working for themselves may make anywhere from 45,000 on up depending upon the clientele they have on contract. Knowledge base

Another consideration in what a web developer will make in California is the level of their knowledge and their ability to put it into practice. As the web developer's ability to keep up on the constant changes that happen in coding and scripting, so does their ability to earn a better wage. Many factors effect how much a web developer can make in California.

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