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The issue of healthcare reform has been facing this country for some time and currently it is a main focus in Congress to make a change. Missouri is open to these needed changes and is responding to the Federal Government’s push toward electronic medical documentation for the increased accuracy and efficiency of communication between healthcare providers and provide correct and rapid diagnosis.

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Working conditions for health and nursing informatics specialists in Missouri are more behind the scenes than the clinical healthcare giver. Usually there is little to no patient interaction and limited interaction with fellow clinicians. Your work will most likely take place in a hospital, medical office, corporation, or consulting firm - places where the development and implementation of electronic medical documentation is the primary focus. Though you won’t be on the front lines with patient care and the rewards that offers, you can rest assured you will be contributing to the improvement of healthcare for all concerned and this will make for a very rewarding career.

Missouri Health Informatics Salary | Missouri Nursing Informatics Salary:

Choose to become a professional in the field of health and nursing informatics in Missouri and benefit from a higher than normal salary. Missouri offers an average 4% higher salary than the rest of the nation for informatics. Contributing to the facilitation of communication between healthcare providers and developing the tools they need to offer patients the care they deserve is a focus of Missouri and a rewarding career choice in this field that offers many opportunities for the right person.

A list of average Missouri Nursing Informatics / Health Informatics salaries is available below:

Position Hourly Mean Annual Mean
Missouri Health Information Technician $15.81 $32,880

BLS.gov 2010

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