Computer Networking Degrees Online

A network administration career involves managing the communication infrastructure of computers. Workstations and servers are connected on the network and communicate using various protocols like FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and TCPIP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). Managing these "highways" is the job of the network administrator. A degree in this field provides graduates with skills in managing, installing, and designing computer systems and network infrastructures.

Courses and Training

Computer networking courses and training typically focus on:

  • Configuration and installation of network services and applications
  • Applications in wide-area usage
  • Building security solutions for LANs
  • The interface between private and public networks
  • Information systems
  • The analysis, design, and security of modern computer networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Wireless Local Area Networks
  • Wide Area Networks
  • Network security
  • Identifying various hardware components
  • The different layers of the OSI model and their functionality
  • Implementing, managing, and maintaining a network configuration
  • How to set up and manage users and resources
  • How to monitor and optimize system performance and reliability
  • Identify and troubleshoot symptoms of network problems
  • Explain security concepts for various types of networks
  • Describe the basic concepts of wireless and mobile networks

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