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Rob Thomas
IT Specialty:
Multimedia Producer Ė Specializing in video/audio production as well as graphic design and web design.
Job Title:
Multimedia Producer
BS in Advertising and Interactive Media

Q. Do you feel your degree adequately prepared you for your technology career? †
A. For the most part, yes. You learn a lot by being hands on. Throughout my career I have picked up skills but school definitely helped prepare me for my career.

Q.How many years have you been in the IT field?
A. 2 years

Q. Have you ever worked in a field outside IT?
A. Yes, Marine Corp for 4 years as an Amphibian Assault Crew chief.

Q. What personality traits and skills do you possess that you feel help you in graphic design?
A. I am very motivated and a self-starter. I am always learning new skills to further my productivity. I thrive on accepting jobs requiring skills I either donít have or am not proficient in to better mine.

Q. What steps does someone go through to get a job in this field?
A. Must have a degree in Web Design or Multimedia and/or have a couple years of experience in the field. Once acquired, multiple interviews and tests are completed before getting into a company such as the one I am employed.

Q. What are some ways to advance in your field?
A. Attend free classes at the city college, take Adobe web-seminars, side jobs and side-by-sides.

Q. What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?
A. For the most part, I have the open creative say so. Some clients know what they want, but I have the ability to spice it up, so my projects reflect my creativity as well as meet the clientsí needs.

Q. What is the biggest challenge regarding your job?
A. Project balance. With so many different projects and deadlines coming through, it can be over-whelming sometimes.

Q. What are your daily tasks like?
A. Logon to the server around 7:30-8am, check my company email for any requests or urgent orders. Begin on any existing projects that Iíve been working on. Usually, the video projects can take up to 2 months. So Iím typically working on the same project for awhile. If Iím doing any HTML design, I usually go over the request and either pick-up where I left off, or set up the files for design.

Q. What skills do you use at work?
A. I use skills in design, HTML coding, programming, Flash, video editing, and organizational.

Q. What percentage of your day do you spend working independently or in a group?
A. Other than being briefed on the initial project, most all work is done independently. Iím usually only working with others for review and/or to ask their opinion.

Q. What is one thing you didn't know about your field before getting into it that you wish you had known?
A. I wish I was better prepared for performing in a corporate setting. There are many rules and regulations to follow.