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Computer Science Degrees and Colleges

A computer science degree is a general technology degree that tends to lean more on the technical and theoretical side of the field in comparison to the focus on application that a degree in computer information systems entails. A computer science degree involves a mathematical and engineering focus and emphasizes the development of programming skills, as well as problem solving abilities.

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Typically, computer science students follow a curriculum that utilizes several calculus classes, and often includes classes focused on researching and analyzing the assets and liabilities of one kind of computer against another, one language or tool against another, one database against another. Other areas of focus include database design, computer networking, operating systems, and computer architecture.

Course Descriptions and Training

Computer science courses typically focus on the following areas:

  • Management of information systems
  • Management and application of databases
  • Developing computer applications
  • Basic principles of accounting
  • Using and building spreadsheets
  • Computer operating systems
  • Desktop publishing
  • Systems administration
  • Computer programming

Computer Science Degree Salary

Computer Science salaries typically range from $51,000 to $96,000, according to www.indeed.com . The specific salary you can expect is dependent on geographic location, company size, and specific job responsibilities. Most specialties in the IT field tend to pay well compared to other professions.

More Information

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Salaries by State

Computer Scientist salaries vary according to the state they work in. Although computer scientists make good salaries across the board, especially compared to those of other professions, there are distinct differences from state to state. The below figures, derived from www.indeed.com, give an average salary for computer scientists in each state. These figures do not include every computer scientist job but are rather just to be used as an estimate per state.

Alabama : $86,000
Alaska : $73,000
Arizona : $68,000
Arkansas : $84,000
California : $78,000
Colorado : $71,000
Connecticut : $86,000
Delaware : $76,000
District of Columbia : $94,000
Florida : $75,000
Georgia : $87,000
Hawaii : $60,000
Idaho : $67,000
Illinois : $82,000
Indiana : $76,000
Iowa : $77,000
Kansas : $72,000
Kentucky : $70,000
Louisiana : $77,000
Maine : $57,000
Maryland : $84,000
Massachusetts : $90,000
Michigan : $80,000
Minnesota : $71,000
Mississippi : $86,000
Missouri : $77,000
Montana : $59,000
Nebraska : $72,000
Nevada : $74,000
New Hampshire : $67,000
New Jersey : $87,000
New Mexico : $95,000
New York : $93,000
North Carolina : $79,000
North Dakota : $75,000
Ohio : $78,000
Oklahoma : $73,000
Oregon : $79,000
Pennsylvania : $75,000
Rhode Island : $78,000
South Carolina : $66,000
South Dakota : $71,000
Tennessee : $78,000
Texas : $75,000
Utah : $67,000
Vermont : $72,000
Virginia : $90,000
Washington : $77,000
West Virginia : $94,000
Wisconsin : $62,000
Wyoming : $91,000

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