What Do Computer Forensics Do?
Day in the life of a Information Technology Field Representative

Tim Duncan
IT Specialty:
Computer Forensics
Job Title:
Detective -Computer Forensic Analyst/Network Investigator
British Police Force, Hampshire Constabulary
HND in Nautical Science

Q.How many years have you been in the IT field?
A. 4 years

Q. How long have you been in computer forensics?
A. 4 years

Q.Have you ever worked in a field outside of IT? If so for how many years and in what other fields have you worked?
A. I was in the Merchant Navy for 8 years, then 25 years in Police. The past four years in computer forensics.

Q. Why did you choose to go into computer forensics?
A. I wanted an interesting change.

Q. What personality traits and skills do you possess that you feel help you in your specific IT field?
A. Patience and a good investigative mind.†

Q.What are ways to advance in your field?
A. Earning an advanced degree, obtaining certificates, and years of experience.

Q. What is the most enjoyable thing about your job?
A. catching bad guys

Q.What is the biggest challenge regarding your job?
A. Keeping up to date on the changes and new technologies in the field.

Q. What percentage of your day do you spend working independently or in a group?
A. 80% independently, and 20% in a group.

Q. What are three current "hot topics" of debate or discussion in computer forensics?
A. Vista and encryption

Q. Why is computer forensics "THE" field to be in?
A. Itís where itís all happening!

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