Montana Computer Networking Education

Those who wish to break into the computer networking industry in Montana are in the right spot. This is an excellent state for career and educational opportunities in the field. However, these positions are highly competitive, so only the most qualified and well educated applicants stand a chance. For those who do not yet possess such an education, rest assured that there are plenty of colleges and universities to choose from. They are conveniently located all over the state, and many of them are quite affordable. Some will even work around the busy schedules of working adults, parents, and others for whom a traditional education seems impossible.

montana computer networking schools

One of the best schools for computer networking in the state is Montana State University's Billings College of Technology, located in Billings. This school offers a two year associate's degree program in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications, as well as a certificate in the same. The associate's degree enables the student to earn credits which can later be transferred to a bachelor's degree program, if desired. The certification program, on the other hand, is an excellent fit for those who wish to supplement their educations or to gain experience and knowledge in a specific field.

In addition to this school, there are many others that provide excellent educational opportunities. Montana Tech of the University of Montana offers a bachelor's degree program in computer networking. Montana Tech College of Technology in Butte has an associate's degree program, while Montana State University's Great Falls College of Technology offers both a certification and an associate's in the field. For Belknap College, in Harlem, has a unique dual associate's degree program in computer technology and computer systems technology. Finally, Fort Peck Community College in Poplar offers two associate's degree programs and two certification programs in the field. Obviously, there are many opportunities for success in computer networking in Montana. It's all a matter of finding the right school and the right program. Even those who cannot make a traditional college work for them have the option of attending an online college or university. Whatever one has to do to get an education, it should be done, because education is the only way to truly make it in the computer networking field. Even those who manage to work in computer networking without a degree or certification tend to earn far less than those who do possess these.

Students who graduate from Montana Tech of the University of Montana earn an average salary of approximately $56,000 per year. Montana Tech College of Technology graduates earn even more with an average salary of $61,000 per year. Students who graduate from Montana State University's Great Falls College of Technology and who continue to work in the area earn an average of $42,000 to start per year. Belknap College graduates earn approximately $42,000 annually, and Fort Peck Community College graduates also earn $42,000 per year on average. Obviously, then, getting an education, no matter what the cost, is well worth it in the long run.