Become a Computer Networking Professional in Maine

Adults who are interested in pursuing careers in computer networking and who live in Maine are in luck, because there are many opportunities for success in the field for those who live in the state. The first step to pursuing such a career is to get a solid education in computer networking. It is even better if an individual knows exactly what he or she would like to do in the field, so that the education can be specialized. If this is not the case, however, there are many general degrees that help students to explore the field as a whole. Later, if desired, special certifications in certain areas can be pursued to strengthen a more general course of study.

maine computer networking schools

Degrees can be obtained from any accredited college or university, either online or in person. Two of the best schools for computer networking are located in Maine. The first is Eastern Maine Community College, which is located in Bangor and offers a strong associate degree program in computer systems networking and telecommunications. Graduates of this program usually go on to make an average salary of approximately $61,000. The second college known for its computer networking program is Northern Maine Community College, located in Presque Isle. Like Eastern Maine Community College, this school offers an associate degree in computer systems networking and telecommunications. Typically, graduates of the program go on to make a salary of around $57,000 per year.

Generally, an associate's degree, like the ones above, is completed in approximately two years. However, students who have the time to take a heavier course load can complete the program much more quickly. After completing an associate's degree, graduates can either continue their educational career by transferring their credits into a bachelor's degree program or they can begin looking for work right away. There are many entry level positions that hire students with associate's degrees and the right skills, though the higher positions will usually demand a bachelor's degree, at least. Bachelor's degrees can be completed in approximately four years, or two years or less if an associate's degree is sought first. Many people receive their associate's degree in a more general computer networking field and then seek a more specific course of study when pursuing their bachelor's degree.

Any school that is attended should be fully accredited in order for the degree to be considered valid to employers. Prospective students are encouraged to research other important facts about potential schools and programs as well. It is important that students find a school that is considered reputable in the surrounding community, that has programs that can help better the learning experience and help with career guidance after graduation, and that offers internship opportunities in order for the student to gain real world experience. Other concerns include making sure that the particular school will fit in with the student's lifestyle and specialized needs and finding affordable costs and/or financial aid. All of these things must be considered in the decision making process for a good fit and a happy new career.