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Cisco is a company that specializes in networking and offers a number of hardware and software products that relate to networking. Cisco certifications are beneficial for computer networking professionals, such as network administrators, who come in contact with Cisco systems frequently. Microsoft also offers certifications but these are typically geared more towards programming professionals and others who use Microsoft software.

Three levels of Cisco certifications

There are three levels of Cisco certification available: Associate, Professional, and Expert. CCNA represents the “associate” level of certification and CCNP falls into the “professional” classification.

Cisco Certification Courses and Training

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cisco certification programs

This certificate focuses on the following concepts in order to prepare students for the CCENT exam:

  • Installation, operation, setup and troubleshooting of branch networks
  • The fundamentals of networking
  • Routing
  • Wireless concepts
  • Security concepts
  • Configuring IOS devices
  • Configuring simple networks
  • Switching; connecting to a wide area network (WAN)

This certificate focuses on the following concepts in order to prepare students for the CCNA exam:

  • Installation, setup, operation, and troubleshooting of medium-sized routed and switched networks
  • Implementation and verification of remote site connections in a wide area network
  • Implementation of network security
  • Mitigation of security threats
  • Understanding of a variety of network types
  • Understanding of PCP/IP and OSI network models
  • Determination of IP routes
  • Management of IP traffic
  • Establishment of point-to-point and frame relay connections

This certificate focuses on the following concepts in order to prepare students for the CCNP exam:

  • Installation, setup, operation and troubleshooting of large enterprise local and wide area networks with 500 or more nodes
  • Management of routers, switches and enterprise applications
  • Integration of wireless networking
  • Integration of security
  • Integration of voice systems into a network

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