Technology Careers

Technology Careers

Choosing a profession

You probably have a remote idea of the type of career you’d like to explore. While some careers, like becoming a doctor or lawyer may sound exciting, as we all know—not everyone would be a good fit for these professions. Like if you’re afraid of needles or public speaking…the previously mentioned jobs would likely not be what you were put on this planet to do. However, if you’ve always been interested in computers and technology, or even are a self-proclaimed “geek”, a job in IT may be right up your alley.

So what is technology career all about? You probably have a vague idea from talking to people in the field, or perhaps conducting your own research but let’s explore this career further.


Technology is an exciting, ever-changing, and growing field. In this field, you are getting the opportunity to explore cutting-edge concepts, oftentimes before the rest of the world. One of the best things about this field is the salary. In fact, IT jobs topped the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of fastest-growing salaries.

Job Stability

According to the Bureau of Labor (BLS), between 2004 and 2014, 1 million new IT jobs will be created. “…BLS estimates that the number of new IT jobs will increase at more than twice the rate of total new jobs between 2004 and 2014 (30.5 percent versus 13 percent), accounting for 1 in 19 new openings and adding a million new workers.”

Fast Growing

Also, in the BLS’ list of the 30 fastest growing jobs through 2008, ten of the jobs listed fall in the IT category. With baby boomers retiring and a recent decrease in the number of college students choosing this field, there are not enough IT professionals to fill all the openings. These factors create a huge opportunity for those individuals serious about the IT field.

Regular Hours

Along with salary and job stability, most IT jobs can brag to have regular hours. Of course this depends on if you work for a large company, smaller company, or freelance. But, the bulk of IT people work a Monday through Friday work week, and regular 8-9 hour days. And let’s face it, who actually enjoys getting a wake-up call in the middle of the night to come in to work? Let’s leave those crazy midnight calls for those who signed up to be doctors or lawyers!

Technology Degree

So you’re excited you’ve found a field that is perfect for you. What do you need to do to get started on a career in IT? For starters, the single most important criteria companies are looking for in hiring entry-level IT professionals is if they have their degree in technology, and preferably a four-year degree. Companies realize that by hiring those with a degree in technology, they will have to spend less money training and can get them doing the necessary job much quicker.

Technology Specialties

So getting a degree is a must. Another thing you need to do is explore the various specialties to determine which category is the best fit for you. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll just learn everything in every category of IT and pick a specialty later. That is the equivalent of someone saying “I want to go into the healthcare field, but am not sure if I want to be a doctor, dental hygienist, labor and delivery nurse, or athletic trainer.” Each field is so vastly different, it is vital to spend some time learning about the fields to find one that fits like a glove. This website will help you explore all the various facets of IT to pick your favorite. Whether you enjoy working independently or prefer jobs with more people interaction; whether you enjoy a creative job or more of an analytical role, the broad IT field has a specialty that is a perfect fit for you. Select one of the specialties below to learn more.

The field of Information Technology offers many specialties within it, including: