Become a Web Developer

To become a web developer, it is also essential to earn a degree in web development or something related in the IT field. A college degree will give you a good base for understanding the fundamentals in this field.

Web development internships are also important for gaining experience in order to land a job in the field. When interviewed for an internship, the employer will ask to see a portfolio of your work. This means the web developer will need three or more well constructed websites in order to land a decent job.

Another important way to gain experience is to start creating websites as soon as possible. A great web developer needs to be informed about all technologies available. This does not mean they have to be an expert on every technology available for creating a website, but it is important to know what is available. From this list of technologies, a web developer will be able to create a website that is well constructed and useful.  

In creating websites, you quickly learn by trial and error and realize the qualities that comprise a well-created versus a poorly-created site. Your goal is to build a portfolio with many websites you’ve created. Unlike with software development, you can start making websites anytime you have access to the Notepad application.

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