How to Become a Computer Networker

What steps should you take to pursue a career in this field? The first step is to obtain a four year degree in IT. There are degrees specifically designed for network administration, although having that specific IT degree is helpful, it is not essential.

Internships are also very important in this field, and typically required at some point while you’re earning your degree. These internships are beneficial because they provide “hands on” experience in the field. Oftentimes the school you attend can set up an internship for you. Or, you may be able to just contact the company you’re interested in interning with and inquire about how to “apply” for the internship. Some internships are on a volunteer basis whereas others are paid.

With the more “advanced” jobs in IT, experience says a lot, specifically experience as an administrator in whatever Operating System the employer is looking for is important. Other experience that is important to gain in order to be competitive in this field includes: routers, switches, wiring, storage, backups, virus software, IP addresses/DNS/Gateway, and knowledge of the 7 OSI layers.

Job Titles

Although there are many different names for the computer networking professional, these titles are typically used interchangeably.

  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Computer Network Administrator
  • Computer Network Specialist
  • Computer Network Technician

Day in the Life of a Computer Networking Professional

Below are examples of individuals who have careers in networking and their experiences and viewpoints about the field.

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